June 14 – 15 2016: Third partner meeting in Cagliari (Italy)

June 14 – 15 2016: Third partner meeting in Cagliari (Italy)

In June 2016 the third partner meeting took place at the University of Cagliari, on the Italian Island Sardinia.

Within the two days the partners worked closely on three main objectives: defining the final steps for the technical installations and implementation of the use cases on the island of Borkum in the second half of 2016; preparative measures for the demonstration of the use cases; identification and development of exploitable results from the project as a first step towards new business opportunities. Several internal workshops were held during the meeting in which the partners solved the current challenges in order to realize the project’s ambitious work plan. Besides the meeting, the partners also visited the Renewable Energies Laboratories near Cagliari. These laboratories are part of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia that fosters innovation, development and the industrialisation of research. For example, the Electricity Laboratory operates and monitors two experimental PV plants that give important research results towards the efficiency and durability of PVs. Besides, the RES laboratories also make their machinery, equipment and know-how available for use by tenants and local enterprises.

For the project, the demonstration of the use cases is expected to start by early 2017. This will be a milestone in realization of the project’s overall aim of energy and economic efficiency through integrated multi storage technologies for today’s smart communities, such as the island of Borkum.

The next partner meeting is planned for December 2016 on the site of Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, Germany.