About NETfficient

How can we use today’s energy for tomorrow?

In times of a revolutionary energy market, decentralized, local power supply and hence the exploitation of renewable energy sources become more important than ever. However, most renewable energy sources are subject to strong fluctuations due to environmental conditions. Using solar, wind or tidal power, even when not currently available, is the current challenge that the energy industry is facing today. As the share of renewable sources in the energy mix constantly grows, compensation measures are needed to ensure the grid stability and energy availability.

NETfficient is a European project supported by the European Commission that is addressing this challenge and that will innovate the way of use and distribute electric power through a smart electric grid. 13 renowned European partners from research and industry will develop electric storage technologies and an energy management system, allowing the implementation of a smart grid on Borkum Island in the North Sea of Germany.

NETfficient – Storage for life

An innovative approach will use locally available renewable energy sources on the island, store it and distribute it when needed responding the energy demand of domestic households. Here, the demand and needs of Borkum’s inhabitants will be considered, as well as technological and economical aspects to make this new energy distribution approach to a win-win situation for everybody - producer and user. By focusing on renewable energy sources to feed the energy demand on the island, NETfficient will moreover help to reduce carbon emissions as well as the dependency on fossil fuels, empowering households, districts and citizens to adopt a sustainable, clean energy supply. With the integration of renewable energies in a smart system of virtual power plants, NETfficient will serve as a lighthouse project contributing to the ‘energy transition’ in Europe with possible adoption in further countries.