Ayesa is a Spanish Company which offers engineering and technological consulting services in transportation, water, agriculture, environment, architecture, management territorial, energy, chemistry, pharmacy, gas, oil, industry, mining, aerospace, defence, information technology, public administration, banking, telecommunications and remote across 37 countries.


Ayesa believes that its greatest asset is its highly committed and qualified manpower, that coupled with its technological excellence has made them a chosen partner for its clients worldwide. In recent years, the growth of this workforce has been strengthened in this sense by an increase in the number of university graduates, whose experience and know-how is complemented by specialists in various fields. The number of employees is is close to three thousand, with a forty one per cent with superior Qualifications and a twenty percent with Lower-level Graduates.


Ayesa’s R&D&I areas main goal is to become a leading company in the research of new methodologies and knowledge, developing both applications of unique products and innovation in processes. This area, composed by PhD graduates in several fields, allows Ayesa to obtain its own scientific production within strategic areas, endorsed by prestigious international journals. The knowledge of the state-of-the-art of several technologies, allows them to develop specific solutions to real problems based on a constant quest for innovation.


Contribution to NETfficient:

Ayesa is the leader of the project and will develop the last technology ICT systems to achieve the objectives of the project: Energy Management System, Aggregation Management Platform, Stand-alone at-home control panels, Building Management System and Public lighting control platform.


Ayesa has a wide experience developing solutions for smart urban services, such as mobility, production, distribution (energy, water, gas, telephones, data…), education, health, emergencies, security, assistance for the public, etc., and through this project this expertise will be able to be greater and will contribute to a lead position of the company in this field.



Santiago Blanco Polo

E-Mail: sablanco@ayesa.com

Web: http://www.ayesa.com/