Benefits and Impacts

NETfficient will demonstrate and deploy the usefulness of distributed energy storage systems integrated into a smart grid, and have benefits from an economic, societal and environmental point of view.


In particular, these benefits and impacts will be reached:


Economic impacts

  • By compensating the renewable energies fluctuations, a number of technical and economic benefits will be achieved, such as improved power system reliability and electricity market revenues.
  • Smart energy management systems will reduce operational costs, increase energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.


Societal impacts

  • Empowering energy consumers and making them to pro-sumers: NETfficient is a very innovative project mixing cutting edge technologies and innovative means to efficiently manage renewable energies. The project will demonstrate that people can now become autonomous regarding their needs in energy consumption.
  • As a lighthouse project for an island‘s smart electric grid, NETfficient will contribute to the „energy transition“ and serve as a best practice example worldwide. By making propositions to regulating agencies and policy makers, an adoption of NETfficient´s technology in further countries will be encouraged.


Environmental impacts

  • NETfficient will demonstrate that latest technologies are now mature to manage renewable energies and to make them available to everyone, all year round, without constraints in operations.
  • Making renewable energies predictable and storable will enables their penetration in the energy market and therefore aims leads to a reduction of CO2 emission and dependency on fossil fuels in remote areas.