The NETfficient Use Cases

Based on a „Smart Island“ concept, NETfficient will demonstrate and deploy local storage technologies in a real grid through five use cases, being covered by common energy demand scenarios of medium and low voltage, as well as a wide range of applications and functionalities.

These involve the installation of energy storage and smart metering devices, PV home panels, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a public building, the public lighting and the district heating optimization with aquatic heat pumps.

Thus, NETfficient will be demonstrated in these 5 use cases:

peak shaving and ancillary services in the market

A combination of energy management system and energy storage will balance out peaks of the energy demand and availability of renewable energy. Thus, the network performance and grid stability are improved and sustainable energy is made available at any time.


40 Homes will be equipped with energy generation units, smart meters and energy storages. The energy consumption and generation of the homes will be balanced out through the home‘s connection to the energy management platform.


The building‘s energy consumption will be provisioned by locally stored renewable energy. Solar energy will be generated on the building‘s rooftops, and in case of an energy plus, the energy will be fed into the district‘s electric grid.

Public Lighting

Smart street lighting will be demonstrated through street lamps , maintained with locally produced energy by solar PV modules on buildings close by, smart meters and storage batteries. The energy supplied by the sun during the day will then be used for lighting during the night.

Aquarium water temperature regulation

Maintaining Borkum aquarium at a constant temperature using PV energy combined with thermal energy storage.

For further information/ images of use cases' installations, and main project results "click" here.
Image 1: energy management tools and devices at control center at Wirtschaftsbetriebe Borkum