04-05/06/2017: Sixth NETfficient partner meeting in Gothenburg, and Mölndal (Sweden)

04-05/06/2017: Sixth NETfficient partner meeting in Gothenburg, and Mölndal (Sweden)

On 4-5th June 2017, the sixth NETfficient partner meeting was held in Mölndal (Sweden) at the premises of Swerea IVF AB.

While previous meetings dealt with many changes and adjustments to the large and complex NETfficient plans, this time the partners discussed how to organise on-site implementation, which is now underway: for example inverters for homes and larger buildings have already been shipped to site, while inverters for the use of second life vehicle batteries are still being tested. The various software components for managing the interactions of renewable energy sources, energy storage, grid and consumers are largely ready, after samples of all components had initially been shipped to Spain where AYESA created a mock-up of the planned system to ensure everything could be connected as it should.

On the second day, the NETfficient advisory board held its first virtual meeting to discuss progress and provide expert input. Furthermore, a workshop was held by partners Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH to help partners exploit economic potentials of the products and services developed within the project.

Having also covered the various administrative tasks typical of any EU-project meeting, the consortium managed to find some time for a tour around the laboratories of SWEREA. SWEREA do not only calculate and model life-cycle impacts, but also are involved in the optimisation of such impacts. For example, they are working on a super-efficient, smooth running washing machine, which no longer “rumbles”, but purrs like a cat.

All in all, partners went away with the sense that several critical corners had been turned and that they were now entering the exciting phase of turning all the hard preparatory work of the last 2.5 years into tangible improvements to Borkum’s energy system.

Workshop at NETfficient partner meeting in Sweden (image 1)

Workshop at NETfficient partner meeting in Sweden (image 2)