Looking back at four years of NETfficient #2!

Looking back at four years of NETfficient #2!

We would like to share more experiences and leassons learnt of the NETfficient consortium during the four year project.

“For Fraunhofer ISE the most exciting was to show in the field test that battery storage can react immediately to grid disturbances. This is very important on the way to a grid based on power electronics with a minimal share of rotating machines like thermal power plants.” Fraunhofer ISE

“Especially the conversations and discussions with the citizens of the island about NETfficient has shown how important it is for an energy supply company not only to be involved in measures to reduce CO2 but also to lead the way.” Stadtwerke Borkum

“The project has enabled us to develop new technologies and has led to the development of a new range of innovative products for renewable energy storage.In particular, our product “PowerRack” directly resulting from the development of NETfficient, has made it possible to be present on the electric boat market.” PowerTech System

“We benefit from NETfficient, since the project is a very good reference models to acquire new projects and customers. It was very valuable and interesting for us to learn about needs and fears of our partners (e.g. Grid operators) building up comprehensive smart grid solutions” Schneider Electric