Looking back at four years of NETfficient!

Looking back at four years of NETfficient!

Four year of intense research and development of innovative energy storage technologies lie behind the 13 NETfficient partners. How have they benefited from NETfficient? What have they learned and what has been challenging? NETfficient has asked the consortium to share their experiences.

“Being part of NETfficient project has permitted Zigor demonstrate how its expertise in power conversion technologies can be applied with other’s (such as batteries or IT) to provide an improved solution for real life. One of the most important point of NETfficient is that developed high-end solutions really work and help people to save and, at the same time, protect environment” Zigor

“Participating to NETfficient has enabled a comprehensive overview and understanding of different energy storage technologies and how implementing them for different applications (homes, buildings, MV grid, etc.). Particularly, NETfficient has surely stimulated new ideas for future projects in this field, especially on hybrid energy storage systems.” University of Cagliari

“Although Williams Advanced Engineering has wide and award-winning involvement in battery design and manufacture, the use of second life batteries had not been part of the company’s journey until this point.  Therefore, the NETfficient project has been of significant interest to the team.  The Horizon 2020 funding structure and the wide-ranging consortium of this project allowed Williams Advanced Engineering to investigate this technology in a challenging and informative environment and to demonstrate the organisation’s expertise in a real-world application.  The ambition of the project, aiming to reinforce the ability of a whole island to deliver sustainable energy to its inhabitants, was key to the company’s involvement.” Williams Advanced Engineering

Stay tuned for further voices of the consortium!