Communication Network and Actions

For information and engagement of stakeholders and target groups, NETfficient has established a PR-network with various elements such as Social Media channels (Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and LinkedIn NETfficient Group as Blog) press releases, a brochure supplemented by an in-lay translated in each partners’ language, newsletters available for download. It also gives links to the “Bridge family“ (Group of LCE Smart-Grid and Storage projects funded under Horizon 2020). The growing outreach of NETfficient it also represented by acknowledgement in a local Italian TV-show in 2016 and its publications in news-magazines of the energy sector.
With support of this communication network and by NETfficient partners PR-engagements, for example about 46 Prosumers/End User on Borkum will become engaged as volunteers for pilot demonstration within the use cases.
A Showroom on the Island of Borkum, filled with show material such as posters, presentations, tools and technical equipment, software and simulations will complement the NETfficient communication and action network. The showroom is not only designed to virtually and physically present information on the project, its main technologies and results, but also builds an educational framework that will allow the communication to professionals (technicians or engineers) and enhance the ongoing communication to citizens/communities. It will hence serve as a valuable basis for the planned individual real study visits for stakeholders, customers and potential followers, additionally to visits to the developmental as well as demonstration sites.
The physical showroom will be complemented by a Virtual Showroom to be integrated into the website.