NETfficient Use Cases – Updates

NETfficient Use Cases – Updates

The demonstration in the real environment on the Island of Borkum is driven by five Use Cases covering low voltage and medium voltage scenarios and a wide range of applications and functionalities.
Updates on the following UC are currently available:

  • Use Case 3 - Buildings
  • Use Case 4 - Public Lighting
  • Use Case 5 - Aquarium water temperature regulation

Use Case 1 – Peak Shaving and Ancillary Services in the Market

Update on Use Case 1 will be available soon.

Use Case 2 – Homes

Update on Use Case 2 will be available soon.

Use Case 3 – Buildings

One of the demonstration sites of the Use Case - Buildings is Tourist Information Borkum at Borkum city centre, which is part of the services maintained by NETfficient partner Wirtschaftsbetriebe Borkum. Installations have already started at the beginning of 2017.

During the installation Tourist Information’s buildings will be equipped with sets of smart energy devices and components that will allow Smart Energy Control and Management and support Smart Energy Services. For instance the roof top of the facility buildings will be equipped with solar panels (PV system).

Figure 17 shows the Tourist Information Borkum (front view) as demonstration site of the Use Case - Homes.

Figure 17: Tourist Information Borkum

Use Case 4 - Public Lighting

In Use Case - Public Lighting, certain streets on the Island of Borkum will be illuminated using PV, battery system and light bulbs (figues 18 - 19: LED with 24 o. 27 W).

The selected technology for bulbs is LED (manufactured by CONPOWER Betrieb GmbH & Co. KG). For this use case, 50 light points will be used, and they will be separated from the rest of the light system, controlled by SBK. This new system will be a stand-alone system controlled by the DMS.

Its main ambition is to consume the energy supplied by the sun during daytime for lighting at night and to improve the street lighting system maintenance service.

Technically for Use Case - Public Lighting, the street lighting is connected via a DSL router or a mobile communication modem to the Energy Management Platform (EMP). The EMP will offer energy and aggregated management platform’s functionalities to the public lighting DERs (e.g. DER monitoring, DER Aggregation functionalities, Asset Management, Measures curve Tools, Maintenance management) [figure 20].

Figure 21 shows the streets on Borkum chosen to be installed with new street lighting system.

Figure 18: Light bulbs – 27 W light

Figure 19: Light bulbs – 24 W light

Figure 20: Schema of EMP in UC Public Lighting

Figure 21: Public Lighting – Streets Map of Borkum District

Use Case 5 - Aquarium Water Temperature Regulation

So far Use Case - Aquarium Water Temperature Regulation is completely designed, first technologies have already been successfully shipped to Borkum and installation at the demonstration site “Nordsee Aquarium Borkum” is about to start at the beginning of 2017.

A short 3D-Video Simulation (by Wirtschaftsbetriebe Borkum) shows how the Solar Panels will be installed on the rooftop of Borkum Aquarium. Figure 22 shows the live view of Borkum Aquarium rooftop, before installations.

3D-Video-Simulation PV on Borkum Aquarium

Figure 22: Rooftop view of Borkum Aquarium PV panel installation