Nordseeheilbad Borkum GmbH



Within its branch of „Nordseeheilbad Borkum GmbH” (former Wirtschaftsbetriebe der NSBH Borkum GmbH), the municipal utility Stadtwerke Borkum covers for the electricity, water and heating supply for the island’s population, counting approximately 5.200 inhabitants and about 240.000 overnighters visiting the island.


The energy department of Stadtwerke Borkum is responsible for the entire electric grid on the island (80 km of medium-voltage and 110 km of low-voltage grid). As an energy service provider, Stadtwerke Borkum is also offering the product “Naturwatt” which provides electricity generated exclusively from renewable energies.


In order to ensure a yearly supply of 900.000 m³ drinking water, Stadtwerke Borkum is bundling the sources from more than 40 fountains and 2 water utilities.


In addition, Stadtwerke Borkum provides to many hotels, domestic houses and to a hospital district heating fed by boilers and thermal power stations.


Contribution to NETfficient:

Wirtschaftsbetriebe der Stadt NSHB Borkum GmbH will contribute to the project with its competence and expertise in electric grid operations and provide as well the components for the grid management, regulation and evaluation. Within NETfficient, Wirtschaftsbetriebe der Stadt NSHB Borkum GmbH is the connecting link between the project and the population of Borkum.



Olaf Look