PowerTech Systems


For over fifteen years, PowerTech Systems designs and markets power batteries Lithium-Ion in the field of electric traction, energy storage for business applications.

Specialized in technology LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), Lithium manganese oxyde (LMO) and Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC), it  offers alternatives to lead-acid batteries in various fields:


  • Personal mobility
  • Collective mobility
  • Solutions for standalone applications
  • Energy storage and UPS
  • Off-Grid – Smart Grid solar and wind (self sufficient home)
  • Portable batteries and APUs


PowerTech Systems offers innovative and modular products, simple to implement with high level of safety.

It works with leading cell and electronics manufacturers to provide highly reliable, secure and high performance products.


Contribution to NETfficient:

PowerTech Systems is delighted to be part of this very innovative project based on green technologies and high technologies. Based on our expertise in Lithium Ion battery systems, we are keen to share knowledge and experience with high skilled partners.

This is also a unique opportunity to demonstrate that Lithium-Ion is becoming one of the best technology to efficiently store energy with respect to environment, with a much more efficient way than current battery systems (Nickel, Lead acid).

Being part of this project will allow us to gain experience with new scenarios of Lithium Ion batteries integration, fine tune our existing technologies but also develop new products for ESS market.



Cyril Bergeaud

E-Mail: info@powertechsystems.eu

Web: www.powertechsystems.eu