Ayuntamiento de Santander



The city of Santander is the capital of the Cantabria region in the north of Spain and it has a current population of approximately 173,000 inhabitants. The City Council’s Information and Communications Department main activities are managing data processing and communications infrastructures so that all municipal departments carry out their functions using new technologies and the deployment and management of networks and communications: voice lines and data transmission, perimeter security, Internet access and e-mail, servers, microcomputers and corporate databases.


In recent years, the city has aimed at moving to the vanguard of smart cities, improving public services and developing policies oriented towards its citizens and the stimulation of a new business model of productivity for the city. At the municipal level, innovation is conceived as a transversal area to other areas of governance, coordinating the incorporation of new technologies in municipal services with the aim of its improvement.


Contribution to NETfficient:

The Santander City Council Department of Information and Communications makes its contribution to NETfficient project through carrying out applicability analysis of the solutions developed in the scope of the project. Its work is to find how the results of this project will be able to be replicated in other more standard city models. Also, local regulations will be proposed to ease and promote the types of technologies, procedures and infrastructures produced as part of the project.



Juan Echevarria Cuenca

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