Showroom on Borkum

On an area of about 55 m2, the Showroom on Borkum island offers a mix of usable/touchable demonstrators, simulations, live and illustrative presentations, posters, data documentations, reports and storage technology showcases. All of these representing NETfficient scenarios for deployment of local energy storage technologies and energy management systems.
The interactive design offers real insights into the showcased selections , and encourages visitors to explore the different scenarios, technologies and applications.

NETfficient physical showroom on Borkum is located at the premises of Stadtwerke Borkum of project partner Wirtschaftsbetriebe Borkum (see map).
Hindenburgstr. 110 | 26757 Borkum

NETfficient physical showroom on Borkum.

G. Begemann by partner Wirtschaftsbetriebe Borkum presenting NETfficient showroom on Borkum.

NETfficient showroom on Borkum/ premises Stadtwerke Borkum
Soon, NETfficient showrooms will also be opened for study visits for experts and other interest groups, who wish to gain an even deeper understanding of technologies and services that result from NETfficient project.

These activities aim to reach B2B contacts and to enable active prosumers/end-users.

For further information, please contact us.
Floorplans (room 1 and 2) of physical showroom on Borkum