Sneak Preview: NETfficient Handbook

Sneak Preview: NETfficient Handbook

After four years working on different energy storage technologies and testing them in a real environment within the project NETfficient it is time to look back and summarise the project’s main results and lessons learnt.

The NETfficient-Handbook will present key results  with particular emphasis on integration of small-scale storage technologies into the grid, by connecting them to a management platform and further ,will provide information to facilitate market uptake.

Studies on market integration and the regulatory environment and on environmental impacts over the life cycle  provide the backbone of this handbook. These are framed by detailed descriptions of the hardware and software solutions developed in the project.

Sneak Preview of the content:

  • Introduction to NETfficient
  • Component Catalogue of Storage and Storage Management Technologies
  • The NETfficient Catalogue of Storage Solutions
  • The EMP: a DERMS Software
  • National Regulation on PV, Storage and Direct-Supply
  • Storage, The Prosumer and Self-Sufficiency Market
  • Business Models and Ownership Models
  • Selling Flexibility – Value Proposition of VPPs
  • Environmental Assessment of Storage Solutions (LCA)
  • Conclusions and Outlook


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The hanbook will be published January 2019.