Swerea IVF AB



Swerea IVF and four other Swedish industrial research institutes constitute the Swerea Group of R&D institutes.

The Swerea Group creates, refines, supplies, and transfers new findings from advanced research into industrial use with the objective of generating industrial growth. The Swerea institutes provide advanced services within the sectors of materials, process, product, and production technology. These services include research and development, testing, pilot production, training, standardization, and consulting. Swerea is owned jointly by Swedish industry and the Swedish government.


Contribution to NETfficient:

Swerea IVF AB, Energy and Environment will carry out life cycle assessments, LCA, and life cycle cost studies, LCC, gaining data and feedback from the other technical partners. The objective is to provide input to the design phase of the project via screening LCA and results and to verify environmental improvements of the suggested designs via full life cycle assessment.



Karin Wilson

E-Mail: Karin.wilson@swerea.se

Web: http://swerea.se/en