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23-25/01/2018 Small Preview on NETfficient Partner Meeting in Wantage (UK)

From 23rd - 25th of January 2018: NETfficient project partner Williams Advanced Engineering is hosting NETfficient partner meeting in Wantage ( Oxfordshire - UK).

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NETfficient installations on Borkum: Use Case 1

Here you can see some images of the installations and finished set-up for NETfficient Medium Voltage Use Case 1 – Peak shaving and ancillary services in the market, including the medium voltage Hybrid Energy Storage Solution (HESS), with its three main elements: Inverter, Li-Ion System and Ultracaps System.

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NETfficient installations on Borkum: Shipping and Arrival of Materials

At the end of 2017, all installations were fully constructed and built up, serving as NETfficient Use Cases' demonstrators. Here you can see how materials have arrived at Borkum and were stored until installations:

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NEW: NETfficient second brochure

Hot off the press: Our second brochure has just arrvied.

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Insight into the NETfficient installation process on Borkum_1.0

Current progress and updates of NETfficient installations process for the five use cases of common energy demand scenarios of medium and low voltage on the island of Borkum.

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NETfficient project – Showroom on Borkum open for visitors!

NETfficient project – Showroom on Borkum open for visitors! Since April 2017 (30th April 2017) our physical showroom on Borkum at the premises of project partnerWirtschaftsbetriebe Borkum and the virtual showroom on NETfficient website are open for visitors.

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