Use Case 4 – Public Lighting

Use case 4 - Public Lighting

The Energy Management Gateway (EMG) connects street lighting Smart Devices to the Energy Service Application. The focus of NETfficient is the balancing of storages, photovoltaic generation and consumption in an aggregation platform. Smart Grid control will be supported by the Energy Service Applications.

Objectives and activities:
The main ambition of this use case is to consume the energy supplied by the sun during daytime for lighting at night.

The following main scenarios will be analysed:

  1. 1. Self-consumption of locally produced energy
  2. 2. Grid support
  1. a. Store energy at a low price

  2. b. Sell energy back to the grid when relevant

  3. 3. Remote control and supervision of energy resources

A further ambition is to improve the street lighting system maintenance service. Therefore, an EMG will collect information from the devices to enable preventive repairs and maintenances, addressing the following two objectives:

  • Suitable maintenance
  • Detection of a failure in a section