Virtual Showroom

Virtual visit to NETfficient on Borkum

The NETfficient Movie invites you on a quick virtual tour around the beautiful island of Borkum, visiting a number of sites with NETfficient energy storage installations, all from the comfort of your desk, sofa or wherever you are.
From 12th – 16th of March 2018, NETfficient partner SEZ together with the professional film team Vollbild visited Borkum to shoot various installations and film interview clips. We proudly present to you our very own NETfficient-Movie – to watch it please click on the image to the right.

Showrooms Overview

NETfficient showrooms provide an overview of NETfficient project's demontrators and related information. The virtual showroom and physical showroom on Borkum island (3D-Simulation to the right) show the project's use cases of common energy demand scenarios, energy storage technologies, and energy management technologies that are implemented and deployed on Borkum (just scroll down for further information).

Soon there will also be arranged study visits and workshops in both showrooms available... but first, please enjoy and explore the NETfficient showrooms.

Contents overview virtual showroom

Energy Storage Technologies and Solutions: Medium Voltage Hybrid Energy Storage Solution – HESS (MV HESS) with Ultracapacitors, 2nd-Life Electric Vehicle Battery, Solenco Power Box and Power Rack

ICT Solutions (Tools, Components and Services): Energy Managment Platform (EMP), Distribution Management System (DMS), HomeLynk/ SpaceLynk, Submeter and Control Panel, Control Platform, User Interface (UI), Energy Production and Demand Forecasting, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) / Life Cycle Costs (LCC) Analysis

NETfficient Use Cases: Presentation of the 5 NETfficient use cases, such as Peak Shaving and Ancillary Services in the Market, Homes, Buildings, Public Lighting and Aquarium Water Temperature Reguluation, which will demonstrate the application in the real environment.

Showroom help guide: A "click" of the left mouse button at images will enlarge images and poster presentations. Videos or presentations will also start by a "left click". Further, you can choose full screen mode and more in the video-menu.

NETfficient Use Cases

Energy Storage Technologies for Uses Cases 1-5

Modular Energy Storage Systems for LV-/MV-Hybrid Enery Storage System (HESS)

Hydrogen Technology – Solenco Powerbox

2nd Life Electric Vehicle Battery

ICT Solutions, Services and Components

Energy Management Platform (EMP)


ICT Components

Energy Production and Demand Forecasting

Environmental Assessment for Energy Storage Systems (EN)

NETfficient Roll-up (EN)