Williams Advanced Engineering


Williams Advanced Engineering is the technology and engineering services division of the Williams Group of companies that also includes the Williams Martini Racing Formula One team.

Williams Advanced Engineering provides world class technical innovation, engineering, testing, and manufacturing services to deliver energy efficient performance to the automotive, motorsport, civil aerospace, defence, sports science and energy sectors. The company combines cutting edge technology and some of the industry’s best engineers, with a precision and speed to market derived from four decades of success in the ultra-competitive environment of Formula One. Williams Advanced Engineering specialises in advanced lightweight materials, hybrid power systems and electronics, aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics, and holistic Integration capabilities.

Energy has been a growing market for Williams in recent years. Williams Hybrid Power, part of the Williams Group of companies from 2010 until 2014, is a primary example of Williams successfully incubating and then spinning off Formula One bred energy efficient technologies.

Williams Advanced Engineering, winner of the “Pioneer Award” at the 2014 British Renewable Energy Awards for work on energy storage technologies, and a finalist in the category of “Sustainability” at the 2015 IET Innovation Awards for the development of batteries for electric racing, is also the sole supplier of the batteries that power the cars in Formula E, the world’s first fully electric racing series.


Contribution to NETfficient:

As part of the Netfficient project, Williams Advanced Engineering will work closely with Nissan Europe to demonstrate how electric vehicle (EV) batteries can be repurposed for building level storage in combination with solar PV energy.

The technology will be installed and demonstrated in two buildings on the island of Borkum. Williams Advanced Engineering will design, develop, integrate and validate the stationary energy storage solution comprising repurposed Nissan LEAF EV batteries.

Nissan Europe is also a member of the Netfficient Advisory Board.



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